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Do you need a loan to buy your new home?

Are you looking to start your own business but can’t seem to get the small business loan you need to begin?

Or do you need to buy a car, but bad credit means that the banks won’t give you a chance?

Or have you recently divorced or separated and need a loan for your new life circumstances?

Whatever your reason, we’ll strive to bring you a loan that suits your needs.

We have funding for your business or personal requirements.

Northwick Funding Solutions finds loans for businesses and individuals across Australia. We’re staffed by qualified, experienced credit representatives and administration staff and are backed by leading financial institutions.

Our wide range of lenders allows us to provide

  • asset finance,
  • vehicle and equipment loans for business
  • cash flow loans
  • property loans 
  • construction loans for businesses of all sizes.
  • personal loans,
  • home loans, and
  • personal vehicle loans.



Get an obligation free loan assessment with us today and let us help you achieve your goals.