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Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is the application process like?
Our application process is simple. Fill out our quote form and a Northwick finance expert will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Your finance expert may ask for certain documentation or details in order to process your application. After your application is submitted, your finance expert will source loans that suit your needs.


What documents will I need to apply
The documents you need will depend on what type of loan you’ve applied for and its value. These documents may include bank statements and/or proof of income. Our loan specialists will help you determine what documents we need


How long will it take before I get the money?
Depending on the type of loan, settlement can be between 48 hours to 30 days (to coincide with real estate settlements)


Are there any hidden fees?
There are no hidden fees. All fees from lenders are provided to you within the proposal


Will you conduct a credit check on me?
Credit checks are part of our normal procedure. However, we pride ourselves on our ability to help those with bad credit to find a loan.


I don't have credit history; can you still help me?
Yes. We have lenders who help people with little or no credit history


Am I able to get a loan as a new business owner?
Yes. We have lenders who help business owners with finance even if their ABN is only one day old


Will my previous bankruptcy stop me from getting a loan?
Not necessarily. We make it our mission to help those with challenging circumstances. Although it can be extremely difficult to secure a loan with an undischarged bankruptcy, if you have been discharged from your bankruptcy, we should be able to help you. Talk to us about your circumstances and we’ll see what we can do for you.


What interest rates do you offer?
The interest rate will vary depending on your financial circumstances and your credit history. We’ll work with our lenders to find a loan to suit your circumstances


Why should I use Northwick instead of a bank?
Northwick Funding Solutions partners with a range of reputable Australian lenders, which includes banks. This allows us to save you time and money by comparing the loans available to you from each lender, and bringing you the loan with the interest rate and terms to suit your needs.


What types of finance do you offer?
We offer many types of finance, including:
Home loans
Personal and commercial car loans
Other vehicle loans
Personal loans
Equipment finance
Business cash flow finance
Construction loans


Where is Northwick Funding Solutions based?
Northwick is based in Brisbane, Queensland, but our partnerships with nationwide lenders allow us to service clients anywhere in Australia.


Do you have a question that we haven’t covered here, or do you need more information about something you’ve read here? Don’t hesitate to contact us through our enquiries form or contact us on 1300 336 014